The Hologram (a wikipedia entry from the future) at Arts of the Working Class

The Berlin-based print and online broadsheet Arts of the Working Class has published a parafictional Wikipedia entry that is an early version of a section in Cassie Thornton’s VAGABONDS pamphlet The Hologram: Feminist, Peer-to-Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic Future.

Angela Mitropoulos interview ‟Unboxing the Hidden Labor of Saving Lives and Saving Capitalism”

To maintain the Western phantasm that ‘capitalism is an intelligent computer,’ the hidden labor of those whose hands silently uphold it is framed as heroic. This promotes sacrificing oneself for ‘the (operating) system.’ In this SILENT WORKS interview Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki talk to Sydney-based scholar-activist Angela Mitropoulos about thinking labor in a different way.